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Buy Pure Rose Absolute
Rose Absolute
Rose absolute is distilled by solvent extraction and is taken from the petals of the flowers of the rose.
Product Details
Buy Pure Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute
This oil comes from the jasmine that blooms during the day and is fun loving oil.
Product Details
Buy Pure Tuberose Absolute
Tuberose Absolute
Tuberose Absolute has a fresh earthy aroma with floral, spice - like notes.
Product Details
Buy Pure White Lotus Absolute
White Lotus Absolute
The Lotus flower is often viewed as a symbol of awakening.
Product Details
Buy Pure Frangipani Absolute
Frangipani Absolute
Highly useful for perfume production and blends.
Product Details
Buy Pure Champaca Absolute
Champaca Absolute
Champaka Absolute has a beautiful seductive fragrance and is widely used in the perfumery industry.
Product Details
Buy Pure Linden Blossom Absolute
Linden Blossom Absolute
Linden Blossom Absolute is made by using solvent extraction of Linden Blossom flowers.
Product Details
Buy Pure Labdanum Absolute
Labdanum Absolute
Labdanum is a sticky brown resin obtained from the shrubs Cistus ladanifer species of rockrose.
Product Details
Buy Pure Lavender Oil (40/42)
Lavender Oil (40/42)
Lavender Oil (40/42) is highly used for production of perfumes, skin care and cosmetics.
Product Details
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